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2018 Chenin Bubbles

$48.00 |750mL

2018 Traditional Method Chenin is the second wine in an ongoing series of sparkling wines grown, fermented, matured, triaged, bottled, riddled and disgorged all within the property of RHV in collaboration with sparkling winemaker Mara Ambrose. 

The artwork was created by our Austrian friend and artist Vroni von Manz.

Our 2018 Traditional Method Chenin is an object lesson in the futility of imposing your will on a wine. We never intended to produce a sparkling Chenin, and when we picked this fruit in 2018, we fully expected it to have the 20.5-21.5 degrees Brix sugar that we aim for in our still Chenin. However, the sugars were closer to 18.5-19.5 Brix, and so we decided to change plans and produce a traditional method sparkling. This revised plan was for us to ferment the base wine dry, put it en tirage just long enough for the secondary fermentation in bottle, disgorge it immediately, and release a bright, fruity, cheerful bottle of bubbles in time for the 2018 holidays. Well, that didn’t happen either.  Primary fermentation decided to take 14 months to complete; our ‘out the door’ bubbles were just going dry in October of 2019. But wait, there’s more! We managed to put the wine en tirage in August of 2020, but once the secondary ferment completed we were unable to disgorge and finish the wine due to the untimely demise of our manual floor corker. We ordered a flash new pneumatic unit from Italy, and due to COVID-induced sea freight delays, the new corker didn’t arrive until March of 2022. So, finally, on March 27,2022, the wine that was intended to be a still table wine at first, and then re-destined to be a sparkling wine released before Christmas 2018, hung out with us in the cellar for four extra years. So much for a winemaker’s control over a fermentation! But what does all this mean? It means that this wine ended up being a far more serious and complex bottle than was initially aimed for. It is clearly and intensely Chenin, elevated and transformed by the mousse, and as it was finished with zero dosage, it’s tight like a tiger. 

  • Alcohol11.5%
2018 Chenin Bubbles  - Forlorn Hope Wines

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