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Shipping & Returns


For any questions please contact us by emailing .

- Most orders will ship UPS

- Delivery windows depend on the day and time we receive your order. We may hold orders on certain Thursdays or Fridays to avoid shipping over weekends. If you have specific dates you would like your shipments held until, please email

- Packages containing alcohol by law are required to be signed by a person 21+. You cannot pre-sign for the package and the carriers will not leave packages at your door. 

- Wine can become compromised in heat and extreme cold, please be aware of when your wine is delivering and use a business address whenever possible.

- Packages typically deliver between 9:00 AM and 8:00 PM on business days. We cannot specify, request or guarantee the time a package will deliver.

- We may change the shipping method or hold your package due to extreme weather.

- Wine comprised due to weather will not be refunded. Once 3 delivery attempts have been made, the wine will ship back to us. Additional shipping costs to re-ship the package will occur.

- If you need to re-direct your package, you must email and there is a $10 processing fee charged by our shipping warehouse. Please note, re-direct requests are not always granted by the shipping company once made.

- We reserve the right to alter or change our shipping policy at any given time.

Seasonal Shipping

Shipping wine is a complicated and expensive endeavor. We strive to get our wines into your hands as timely and safely as possible. Due to high temperatures, certain shipping methods may not be available in your area at this time. We can hold your package until temperatures cool. You may choose to upgrade to the following recommended methods; Priority Overnight, Standard Overnight, 2-Day Air, adding ice packs to any of these options. These shipping methods will have a higher cost associated. Please email if you have any questions. 

We are not able to refund wine or shipping costs if wine has been compromised by temperatures. 


We strive to provide our customers with the highest quality products and service. Your satisfaction is our top priority. If a wine you have ordered has TCA (cork taint) we will replace it.

All wines sold are maintained at optimum conditions. We consider wine to be out of our control once it has been handed over to the shipper and we cannot be responsible for improper storage after it has been delivered. Therefore, once your wine order has been picked up by the carrier for delivery, the wine becomes your responsibility. We are not responsible for, and will not replace wine that is damaged by extreme weather conditions during shipment. We also cannot accept returns for the following: wines that do not coincide with personal tastes, wines that have been adversely affected by customer storage, and wines that have been otherwise damaged as a result of any other adverse condition occurring while the wines were in the your care.