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2021 BisamrattenSkin-fermented Muscat Blanc

$35.00 |750mL

An orange wine! Grippy tannins - smells like Grand Mariner and tastes like lychee, cucumber and honeydew melon. Rare Gem! Only a few bottles remain...

A Guide to Practical Muskrat Raising:  Hand harvest your Muskrat and destem it. Place it in a one-ton fermentor, place a plastic sheet on top of the fruit and drape this sheet over the sides of the fermentor so that it forms a sort of bowl. Fill this bowl with water, so that the weight of the water on top of the plastic sheet holds the grapes below submerged in their own juice. Let your Muskrat become acclimatized to its new surroundings -- no need to check on it, agitate it, or ask how it’s doing. It will let you know: before long, it will be happily fermenting in its new home. After 10 days, your Muskrat is ready for the press: drain off the water, remove the plastic sheeting, marvel at the moonscape of submerged grapes pressed into undulating smooth waves of terrain in the fermentor, drain off what wine you can, and chuck the rest into the press. 

Following pressing, your Muskrat needs a new home -- it has outgrown its old fermentor. We suggest a pair of neutral 227L barriques. As before, allow your Muskrat to rest with minimal disturbance until it indicates by a smoothness of texture, a lifting of aromatic complexity, and a slightly greater clarity that it is ready for bottling. Congratulations! You’ve raised your very own Muskrat. 

Only 45 cases made!

2021 Bisamratten Skin-fermented Muscat Blanc - Forlorn Hope Wines

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